Have you spent the resources to seal your electrical system at the devices only to leave the job unfinished?  With traditional bus bars you have done just that.  They have many individual connections which can be prone to failure.  They have exposed copper plates that may have tin plating protection or none at all. These plates will corrode which will require replacement.  Sure there are sprays that will slow the corrosion down, but it will not address the root cause—exposed metal.  Our innovative design encapsulates the conductive plate copper leaving the only exposed metal the stainless studs for the connections to the battery.

Typical Marine Buss Bar Corrosion
Old style buss bar showing corrosion that builds over time

Save time and money with our design.

Suitable for Marine, Off-Road, Specialty Vehicles.

Sealed Buss Bar - Split

Our buss bars are sealed from environmental sources of corrosion and help ensure a more stable electrical connection. Here is some application specific information:


The bilge environment always has moisture present. Even if it seems dry, there is moisture in the air. Connections to pumps and blowers have been upgraded to sealed connectors but why leave the exposed connections for the bus bar.

Off-Road Equipment

Equipment such as front end loaders, skid steers and tractors typically run in muddy conditions. While chassis grounding is popular, the connections to the chassis are the same as the bus bar and will be susceptible to corrosion. Changing to a sealed bus system will provide the next level of protection for longer life with less down time.

Off-Road Vehicles

Sealed Buss Bar - Single

Do you have a golf cart, ATV, side by side? One of the biggest failure points is electrically related. Eliminate the need to clean and tighten connections that can get packed with mud or snow.

Specialty Vehicles

You may never know where your customer is going to take their vehicle, but you can be assured that rain, mud, salt, and snow will be a likely scenario. Provide them with the highest level of protection for their valuable investment. Sealed Bus Bar’s system will take the uncertainty out of the last part of the electrical system.

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